This tea is the greatest dancer. Full stop. If this is not enough to guess, let me add that it on its own it can compete and win against overloaded green tea latte, like David against Goliath, in a battle for good health.
What else? Taste wise, this tea can make you time travel to spring and summer: Superb vegetal, herbal, vanilla and nutty aromas, supported by mineral notes. It tastes sweet with just a little touch of astringency for a balance.

Of course, I am talking about Long Jing(西湖龙井)

This morning it made a fantastic pair with a quick and healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, avocado, asparagus spears and a few nuts – I made it just without bread.

Because Long Jing really likes to be seen, just use the most beautiful water glass you have. Throw in just a small pinch of dry leaves (less is more here), steep and enjoy the ballet while you are preparing the rest of your breakfast.

For the music, to get a little kick in the butt, an oldie – He’s the Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge

Have an excellent start of the week

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