Bi Luo Chun

Bi Luo Chun

This tea is sooooo special. Probably the tiniest whole leaves you can find. After having spent previous days with the samples of loose Pu’Er and its big leaves, now it feels like moving from Lego to Nanoblock… These leaves are exquisite and tender. Observing their irregular rolled shape this morning, I found that they remind me of calligraphy made with the finest possible brush. I opened an album by Qi Baishi ink paintings and – yes, it’s exactly that!!!

Besides being beautiful, this tea is among the champions in aroma exuberance.
Its downy tiny leaves smell – can you guess? – chocolate! The scent of wet leaves – exceptional in their regularity and shape- is so generous and bold. It shows off fresh & cold herbal and aniseed notes.
The liquor has the colour of Sauvignon Blanc, giving away refreshing herbal, végétal and dry-fruity notes, with chocolate making its quiet comeback in the background.

The famous sommelier François Chartier in his book “Taste Buds and Molecules” refers to this tea as one of the most aromatically complex Chinese teas and assimilates it to the aromatic universe of mint and anise. A whole section of the book is about possibilities to pair this wonderful refreshing aroma. Among the recipes referenced, I immediately picked one by famous French Chef Michel Bras – a mythical gargouillou of young vegetables. Chartier proposes to experiment with this recipe and select only the vegetables and herbs that have a refreshing anise taste: fennel, estragon, celery, green apples, mint and root vegetables.

The lightness of this wonderful tea is magically paired with the entire album “Motherland” by the pianist Khatia Buniatishvili.

Of course, it was amazing Bi Luo Chun 碧螺春

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