WHY TEA ? My Declaration of ?

WHY TEA ? My Declaration of ?


Hooked to tea once, while on a trip to WuYi mountains about ten years ago, I never got back. By now, I know the teas I appreciate the most: simple, natural, beautifully crafted, with distinct character, and without any artifice. Teas that tell stories, both to my mind and my palate. Teas that make my heart beat faster with pleasure. But it’s not the whole answer why I love it. To me, tea represents something greater than just leaves brewed in water. Tea transcends a narrow notion of a beverage and speaks straight to the values I stand for:

– Tea reflects my pursuit of SIMPLICITY, of finding and focusing on what is truly important, of being AUTHENTIC, even though it may mean being VULNERABLE. Simplicity to me also means respect of NATURE and KINDNESS.

– Tea involves MAKING. This means CRAFTSMANSHIP of a tea farmer, of a ceramic artist and all of us – the persons who brew it. Making means CREATIVITY and CURIOSITY, LEARNING, exploring, experimenting, failing and gradually finding what works – a never-ending pursuit of BEAUTY, ART and MASTERY.

– Tea means SHARING. Our best tea is often the one we share with others, hands down. That is why there are so many tea lovers on the social media. We just cannot hold it to ourselves.

– Tea is REAL. It is among the things that ground us in the PRESENT moment, bring us JOY, JOIE DE VIVRE, feeling ALIVE, savoring life with all our senses, even when everything goes wrong.

Tea is great. Greater than just a beverage.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important: kisses after tea taste so much better than after coffee. ?

And for you, WHY TEA?

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