Xinyang Maojian

Xinyang Maojian

This is one of very famous Chinese green teas – it used to be a tribute tea – less known in the West.


If you look at DRY LEAVES only, it’s actually easy to mistake it for a black tea. You have to move closer to these spiky fine leaves to see that actually they are very dark emerald colour.

All doubts are dispelled as soon as you steep it. The first scent of INFUSED LEAVES is a powerful scent of freshly cut grass, followed by warm notes of chestnut and sweet potato, which almost replaces the primary herbal note. Along come whispers of woody and marine aromas .

LIQUOR is yellow with green undertones. All aromas you scented in the wet leaves express themselves in the liquor flavours: herbal with nice bitterness at the forefront again, followed by sweet and delicate fruity, woody and marine notes. It’s truly interesting to observe this change from bitter to sweet…

This tea is Xinyang Maojian, produced in Henan province of China. Xinyang is a place and maojian can be roughly translated as “green tips” because of the leaves’ shape. Best qualities – spring and autumn harvests.


The dish that came immediately came to my mind was a simple recipe from Jamie Oliver’s book “Meals in Minutes”: fried fish fillets skin on, smoked pancetta, mashed sweet potatoes with a dash of mango chutney and Asian greens. Yuuuum…


I cannot think of anything better than “Green & Gold” by Lianne La Havas – her wonderful voice also moves from sweet deep lows to beautiful highs. Green and Gold

Have a wonderful day with sweetness balancing the bitterness. As always

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